What Does It Mean?

Things Women say...

Things Women Say & What They Really Mean.

If you think about it, women technically created their own version of the English dictionary. Women can say certain words and sentences, but it has an entirely different meaning to what it states in the dictionary. Each phrase or word she uses usually has multiple meanings, which is why it is important to have a basic understanding of what each thing stands for and be able to match it to the situation.


"I will be ready in a minute" means "I have no idea when I will be ready". "Just give me 15 more minutes, maybe 35". "Stop asking questions". "Please be patient".

"I don't want to talk about it" means "Yes I want to talk about it but I don't want to admit it", "Just talk to me", "I really don't want to talk about it", "What if we just talk about it for an hour", "I want to talk about it but don't interrupt me". 

"Do Whatever you want" or "Go Head" means  "No". "I would rather you didn't". "You can but I'm not happy about it".

"I have no clothes" means "I actually have a lot of clothes, I just don't want to wear them today", "I want more clothes", "I have heaps of options, but I don't want to wear any of it."


"I will think about it" means "I will generally think about it", "I would rather not", "Yeah, not happening".

"I'm sorry" means "I am generally sorry, please forgive me", "I am apologising cause I have to", "I am not sorry"

"Maybe" means "Hell no!", "I would rather not", "Let me think about it"

"That's okay" means "It's far from okay", "It's not okay but I don't want to start an argument", "I am not okay with it", "Yeah whatever."

"Whatever" means "I am extremely annoyed at you", "Screw you", "I don't know what the hell you were thinking"

"Wow!" means "It's generally amazing", "That's a stupid idea", "I am amazed to think you would be so stupid"

"I forgive you" means "I don't forgive you", "What you did was not okay, but I miss you"

"I'm too tired" means "no", "I'm generally tired".

"I'm okay" means "I'm far from okay", "No I am not okay, why would you think I am", "I am actually okay".

"It's not you" means "You are the problem here", "You caused this issue, not me", "The only problem is you".

"I need space" means "Get the hell away from me", "Leave me alone", "I can't handle this anymore".

"Does this make me look fat" means "Say I look pretty", "Please compliment me", "You're an idiot if you say yes".

"She's so pretty" means "Don't agree with me, you idiot", "I am allowed to say she is pretty, but you are not", "I am testing you"

"Fine" means "This discussion is over", "You are annoying me", "I will agree, just to make you happy", "It is not fine!"

"No" means "Yes", "Literally means no".

"Yes" means "No", "Literally means yes".

"Don't worry about it" means "You better worry about it", "I will do it myself", "I want to talk about it but I want to start the conversion".

"No, I am not mad" means "I am generally not mad, "I am really pissed off", "I am so mad at you!".

"Is that what you are going to wear?" means "Please change", "Please don't wear that, it clashes", "What were you thinking when styling that outfit", "That outfit looks horrible", "That does not suit you", "You look ridiculous".

"We need this!" means "I need this", "I want it, can you get it for me?" "Can I have this?", "I will love you forever if you get this for me".

"We need to talk" means "I have bad news", "You are in trouble", "I'm going to break up with you", "I have something important to say", "I am upset with you".

"Nothing" means "Be worried about me!", "I have a lot on my mind", "I am mad at you", "There is literally nothing wrong".

"What did you say?" means "I generally didn't hear you", "Can you repeat that?" "I am giving you a chance to rephrase what you just said", "The hell did you just say?", "I dare you to repeat what you just said".

"Its complicated" means "I don't want to talk about it", "I really don't want to go into details", "Everything is a mess", "I am not handling it well".

"Seriously?" means "Okay that is incredibly dumb", "I would change what you just said if I was you", "You have one chance to rethink about what you just said".