Women LOVE

Things Men Do That 

There is a large number of things a man does that his woman absolutely loves. Keep in mind, not all women will be love these things equally. However, it's a great idea to know about these things, as most women wouldn't ask you to do them. Here is a list of the most common things women love:

Small Gestures

Most women love small things like simply cuddling her from behind, kissing her on the forehead or saying good morning to her when she wakes up. A number of women have stated that they wish their partner did more small gestures like these. Here a few ideas of things you could do:

  • Hug her from behind when she's cooking or washing the dishes.

  • Hold her hand in public.

  • Make eye contact with her.

  • Placing your hand on her leg while sitting next to her.

  • Open the car door for her occasionally.

  • Kiss her on the forehead or nose.

  • Text her "good morning" when you wake up or "good night" before you go to bed.

  • Help her without asking.

  • Kiss her when saying hello or goodbye.

  • Gently slap her on the ass when walking past her (not for all women).

Seeing That You're Enjoying Yourself.

Most women love seeing their man enjoying themselves. Having fun singing to yourself in the car, dancing around to music, attempting to motivate yourself by talking to your reflection or just simply smiling will always put a smile on her face.

Neck Kisses

When you're in an intimate relationship, coming up behind her and kissing or blowing softly her neck is one of the favourites for many women.


Keeping how much housework both you and your woman does equal is important. No woman likes to be forced to constantly clean up after their man.

Date Night

Going out for dinner with that special someone is a favourite for any woman.

Surprising Her With A Present

Not everyone likes surprises. However, all women love receiving gifts. Giving her a gift for no reason will make her day special.

Wanting To Spending Time With Her Family

If she has a good connection with her family, a man who shares a genuine interest in spending quality time with her family is truly amazing in a woman's eyes.

Listen To Her

A man that actually listens to his women is a big feature. She is more likely to open up about personal topics if you pay attention to what she says. 

A Man With A Sense Of Humour

Making a woman laugh is probably one of the best ways to her heart. This does not mean you have to be a comedian either. The best kind of man is one who knows how to enjoy himself and has the ability to not take himself too seriously.