That Women HATE

Things That men do

There is a large list of things a majority of men do that women absolutely hate. Not all women will be bothered by these things, but it's always good to keep it in mind. However, it's always best to assume she doesn't like it even if she never complains about it. Some women may also do a few of these things, but it is not as common. Here is a list of the more common things women hate:

Leaving the toilet seat up.

To save your woman from falling into the toilet bowl, remember this simple thing. If you lift the seat up, put it back down after. Urine goes in the toilet bowl, not on the floor or seat.

She does all the housework.

Not all men do this and sometimes it is even the other way around but is less common. There is a number of people who do this without realising. It is important to keep an even balance of how much housework each person does. For example, instead of putting your dirty dishes in the sink, help her clean up without asking.

Telling her to "relax" or "calm down"

This commonly happens during an argument or if she is upset. However, a lot of the time this isn't the way to solve the issue and usually makes her even more upset. Instead of asking her to calm down, listen to her. Make it obvious you care about what she has to say. The worst thing someone could do is bottle up their emotions.

She asks for you to leave, so you do.

On a rare occasion, she may be serious by asking you to leave. However, a majority of the time she will say something and not mean anything by it. 

Calling her "babe" when you aren't in a relationship.

If you aren't in an intimate relationship with a woman and you use the terms like "babe", "sweetie" or "honey", most women will find this offensive or creepy.

Thinking with your penis.

In an intimate situation, making decisions with your penis is probably a good thing. However, in other situations such as committing to a new relationship, this is the worst way to make a decision. Always remember that just because your penis wants something does not mean your heart or head wants the same thing.


Asking if she's on her period because she is moody.

Saying things like "Are you on your period?" or "It must be that time of the month" because she is feeling emotional is usually taken as an insult by most women. It feels even worse when they do not have their period. Yes, sometimes she can become moody due to her period but it is extremely rude to point it out.

Helping her too often or not at all.

Most women hate asking for help, especially when it comes to carrying multiple objects. However, you do not want her to feel as if you think she is can't do anything. This is why it is important to keep an even balance. Here are a few examples:

  • Let her hold her own handbag.

  • She is carrying multiple objects while you carry nothing, help her without asking.

  • If you can see she is struggling to carry something heavy, ask if she needs help.