A lesson I needed to learn.

I have had an eventful night. From about 11pm to now at 4:30, I have been trying to catch a tiny fruit bat that somehow got inside the house and has been “playing” hide and seek with me.

At about 1:00 I had cornered him into my bedroom to see if I can catch him easier. That wasn’t successful. He ended up tiring himself out from flying that much for the next few hours he was no where to be seen.

Finally hours later, he started flying around again. After walking around following him for half an hour, I was starting to feel really “over the situation”. However, I told myself out loud “I will succeed”. Believe it or not, moments later he landed in the perfect spot in my hallway. I opened the towel I was holding as wide as I could and slowly brought it around his little body, while calmly talking to him in the process. The amount of relief that ran through my body was unbelievable.

I took him outside, wrapped up in the towel. Gently unwrapped the towel to see him sitting there looking at me for a few seconds. Moments later, he flew off. I couldn’t help but celebrate and reward myself with a cookie (at 4:30am), as I did l of this by myself.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t ask for help from my parents. But the truth is, I didn’t want to. The last thing he needed was more people around him. I wanted to do what was best for him, not myself. He was already scared enough.

I am honestly really proud of myself for how I handled the situation. It was a lesson I needed to learn. If you keep trying and believe you can, you will succeed.