Porous Sex Toys

All you need to know about

What are Porous Toys?

Toys that are made from materials like rubber, TPE, TPR, CyberSkin, and PVC can attract harmful bacteria and mould, due to their tiny open pores along the surface. These are also known as porous toys. These are the same type of pores that us humans have on the surface of our skin.

Some porous toys contain oils which help soften them. However, over time causing these materials to break down and release the oils, causing the toy to feel greasy and sticky. These oils also eat away at latex.

Because of the open pores on these toys, it's very important to take extra care when washing these toys and use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner which is safe to use on your particular toy. You can also use condoms which are made from polyurethane or nitrile as an extra precaution.

Non-Porous Toys

If you are worried about using porous toys, there are also non-porous options available. Sex toys made from materials such as glass, silicone, VixSkin and stainless steel do not have any open pores, which means they are easier to keep bacteria free.